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Modular kitchen in Chennai is easily repairable, so, if any part is damaged, it can easily be replaced and re-installed. Cleaning a modular kitchen is very easy because of its designing and a mere cloth wipe will keep your kitchen dust-free. This type of kitchen set-up is durable in nature and if once installed, you need not to look into it for years.

Modular kitchen

modular kitchen
L shape Modular Kitchen

L-shaped Modular kitchen

L-shaped kitchen that makes complete use of the corners of your space and works best for small to medium kitchen space. This is where the kitchen comes to play and contributes to the beauty and functioning of the kitchen. A chimney-hob and wide working spaces across the legs of the L provide great working space. closed cabinets as well as a series of drawers and cabinets below offer ample storage space. The cabinets can be designed complementing the shape of kitchen and it looks fabulous and trendy with its open space.

U-shaped Modular kitchen

U shaped kitchen, U shape kitchen The three-wall layout allows for an enclosed designed, keeping any additional onlookers out of the kitchen and away from its activities. U-shaped kitchens are located in large or small areas they provide plenty of work space and are safe as they have a single entry and exit point. The U-shaped kitchen is especially flexible in terms of organization. In addition, the expensive wallpaper looks very and brings brightness to the house.

u type kitchen chennai interior
Parallel Modular Kitchen Or Gallery Kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen Or Gallery Kitchen

Parallel shaped kitchen, Parallel Kitchen is perhaps the most efficient of all kitchen in terms of designing as per the necessity. The Parallel – shaped kitchen layout resembles a two wall galley kitchen layout minus a wall. The Parallel-shaped kitchen layout consists of a work space on one wall with a second, free standing work space running parallel to it. Also known as the corridor style, this compact layout locates the appliances, sink and cabinets on two parallel walls to create a small pass-through kitchen. Gallery Kitchen, Gallery Kitchen These cooking spaces allow you to engage your creativity to pare your cooking lifestyle to the basics. In doing so, you simplify your kitchen and save money in the process. The key to install tall kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling.

Straight Kitchen Or One Wall Kitchen

Straight Kitchen: A one-wall modular kitchen is a kitchen that is all built into one linear wall. These types of kitchens are found typically in small homes and efficiency apartments to conserve floor space and construction costs. A one-wall kitchen has all appliances, cabinets and counter tops on one wall. This allows the owner to perform all tasks in a single work space. Due to its limited space, a one-wall kitchen will often contain a compact refrigerator and range. These two appliances are frequently separated by a sink. Modern one wall kitchen may feature an island that is located across from the wall, which allows the resident to have more work space. Other consumers rely on their kitchen tables to provide additional surfaces on which to prepare food. While a one-wall kitchen is limited in its options, it does have its benefits.

Straight Kitchen Or One Wall Kitchen
island modular Kitchen Interior in chennai

Island Kitchen

island Modular kitchen: An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the counter top space. There are an incredible amount of diverse opportunities for personal expression in the creation and inclusion of an island to a kitchen. Referring to this kitchen feature as an island does not infer permanence. It is common for owners to purchase a freestanding mobile island modular kitchen to increase a kitchen’s preparation area. An island is also not of limited or specific dimension, which means it can be sized appropriate to the kitchen space available.

G Shape Kitchen or Peninsula Kitchen

G-shaped kitchen: G-shaped modular kitchen, A G-shaped kitchen is the term used to describe a cabinetry configuration that has a preparation area peninsula and four walls of storage. It is so named because the blueprint of this type of configuration resembles a G shape kitchen on the grid. The G-shaped kitchen is an expansion of the U-shaped configuration and is often a plausible upgrade for those that already have the latter type of cabinetry design currently installed. G-shaped designs also increase the number of base cabinets that can be included which increases storage space while streamlining the cooking area.

G Shape Kitchen or Peninsula Kitchen

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